Month: April 2021

How Do We Place A Dental Implant?

When you have one or more missing teeth, then we could help with dental implants! Placing one or more of them could provide a stable, secure, and lifelike solution to minor or advanced cases of tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX, dentist will explain how we place a dental implant and restore your… Read more »

How Complete Dentures Offer A Full Smile

houston dentures

When you lose most of your teeth, or develop complete tooth loss, then major problems could arise with your quality of life and even your facial structure. To restore function and beauty to your smile, you may benefit from a complete dental prosthetic. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX, dentist will discuss how we create… Read more »

Improving A Smile Hurt By Bruxism

Over time, nightly teeth grinding and clenching can make serious trouble for your smile. The friction from bruxism can lead to serious concerns about your appearance, as enamel wear and tear can have a visible effect on the way you look. MMC Dental can help you deal with bruxism by providing a custom appliance to… Read more »

Creating Custom Restorations With 3D Printers

With advanced technology, we have the ability to streamline and improve your treatments, addressing issues like decay and infection, and even improving the beauty of your smile. To create restorations with precision and accuracy, and to do so quickly, your Houston, TX, dentist will employ advanced 3D printing technology.

Examining Your Smile With Digital Technology

Every six months, we want to see kids and adults alike for a routine checkup visit. Dental exams help us address trouble in the early stages, and protect smiles from major issues. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX, dentist will explain how we examine and diagnose your smile with advanced CBCT technology.