Month: October 2020

When Minor Tooth Blemishes Can be Fixed with Bonding and Contouring

Accidents happen to everyone, from cracking a tooth while snacking on a chip to chipping it during a sports activity. Depending on the level of damage done, fortunately, there can be multiple methods for fixing an oral structure.  Whether you have cracked your tooth or chipped it, MMC Dental in Houston, Texas offers the ability… Read more »

3 Convenient Ways to Fix a Tooth

Fixing a tooth can mean many different things, depending on how, exactly, it’s been compromised. For example, it might mean repairing a minor crack in your tooth’s surface, or a significant fracture throughout most of its structure. Or, it could mean completely capping the tooth to address a concern that significantly impacts the tooth’s overall… Read more »

Is Bruxism Wearing Your Teeth Down?

Bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, can become a serious problem for your teeth and oral health when it goes untreated long enough. Unfortunately, many people who have bruxism don’t realize that they do at first, and this can sometimes allow the condition to cause significant wear and damage to their teeth by the time they seek… Read more »

When Your Replacement Teeth Have Dental Implants

There’s a custom dental treatment for virtually any concern you may have with your healthy, natural teeth. That includes losing one or more of them, which can have some of the most devastating consequences on your immediate and long-term oral health if it isn’t addressed promptly. Today, we examine why dental implants can often be… Read more »