Month: November 2019

Keep Your Smiles Cavity-Free Over The Holidays

Are you busy preparing for the big day next week? Millions of us will be traveling or welcoming family and friends into our homes for a big feast. While we love Thanksgiving as much as anyone, we also know that many of our holiday favorites contain ingredients that could lead to cavities. Fortunately, your Houston,… Read more »

What Benefits Will Dental Implants Offer?

You’re probably familiar with some forms of tooth replacement, like dental bridges or dentures. However, for a longer-lasting and more secure solution to missing teeth, your Houston, TX, dentist may recommend using dental implants. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about why we need to replace our lost teeth, and why dental implants are… Read more »

Our Team Offers In-House Oral Surgery

We believe in making the process of improving oral health and smile beauty as convenient as possible. Which is why your Houston, TX, dentists work with specialists and provide our treatments in-house. No need for referrals or visits to other practices and specialists. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at some of the in-house… Read more »

Don’t Lose Your Benefits Before You Use Them

Pretty soon, the holiday season will be upon us and that means finding time to see the dentist will be difficult, boosting the risk of losing your benefits before you use them! Now is the perfect time to schedule a visit with your Houston, TX, dentist and enjoy a personalized treatment plan to use your… Read more »