Restorative Treatment to Fix Your Smile

When healthy, your teeth are the most resilient parts of your body. That’s especially true for the highly mineralized enamel that surrounds them. However, when a tooth’s enamel or structure is compromised, it doesn’t have the capacity to heal itself as other parts of your body do. Restorative dentistry may be necessary if your tooth is cracked, broken, afflicted with decay, or compromised in some other way. By protecting and fortifying the tooth, we can help you reduce your risks of losing it or needing to have it extracted, and therefore, help you preserve your healthy, natural smile for life. Our restorative dental treatments include:

  • Tooth Fillings – Metal or tooth-colored restorations to treat mild to moderate cavities.
  • Root Canal Treatment – More involved treatment for severe, internal tooth infection (decay).
  • Dental Crowns – A variety of crowns, or caps, to fully restore and protect teeth.
  • Tooth Extraction – Careful, conservative removal of impacted or troublesome teeth.

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Your tooth may not self-heal from things like chips, cracks, breaks, or tooth decay. Yet, with the right custom treatment, we can restore its health and integrity so your smile can fully recover. To find out which restorative treatment is right for you, schedule an appointment with us by calling MMC Dental in Houston, TX, today at 713-926-8896.