General Dental Health Care

Keeping your smile healthy is an ongoing effort rather than a one-shot, single-treatment deal. General dentistry encompasses several routine services and treatments designed to make that effort as convenient and effective as possible. From routine exams and cleanings to personalized night guards and oral appliances, we can help you and your family avoid many of the issues that could require more extensive treatment, if not addressed early. We also work closely with periodontal specialists for cases that require more specialized treatment for gum disease. Our general dentistry treatments include:

  • Checkups/Cleanings – Routine exams and cleanings to maintain your healthy, blemish-free smile.
  • Periodontal Cleaning – Deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, to address gingivitis and gum disease.
  • Bruxism/TMJ Disorder – Custom nightguards to stop teeth-grinding and alleviate chronic jaw pain.
  • Children’s Dentistry – Dental care designed specifically to help optimize children’s oral health.

Schedule a General Dental Visit

Generally speaking, keeping your smile healthy and your bite functioning properly requires sticking to a regular schedule of professional dental care. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment with our team, call MMC Dental in Houston, TX, today at 713-926-8896.