Improving A Smile Hurt By Bruxism

Over time, nightly teeth grinding and clenching can make serious trouble for your smile. The friction from bruxism can lead to serious concerns about your appearance, as enamel wear and tear can have a visible effect on the way you look. MMC Dental can help you deal with bruxism by providing a custom appliance to wear while you sleep. Protecting your teeth while you rest can prevent further issues with grinding and clenching. Our practice can also help people who feel self-conscious about their appearance because of issues with bruxism. Through the right cosmetic service, we can give you back your confidence in your smile! We can also take care of enamel damage that might call for restorative treatment. (more…)

Designing Our Cosmetic Veneers

houston porcelain veneers

For a total smile makeover in just two visits, your Houston, TX, dentist may suggest the placement of one or more porcelain veneers. In today’s blog, we’re talking about how we design and craft these lifelike restorations, and the benefits they provide for your your smile. From masking stains to reshaping damaged teeth, they can transform and perfect your smile!