Using A Mouthguard To Stop TMJ Pain


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TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, could lead to serious discomfort, including persistent headaches or jaw pain. The disorder is also linked to chronic teeth grinding, known as bruxism. To help bring relief and correct imbalance in your smile, your Houston, TX, dentist may recommend treatment with a custom-made oral appliance! In today’s blog, we’re going to explain the link and causes of these disorders, and how to stop the discomfort!


The Long-Term Impact of Gum Disease

The Long-Term Impact of Gum DiseaseGum disease consists of a number of different stages with varying impact on your oral health. You may have heard of “gingivitis,” which is the most basic form of gum disease. Identifying gingivitis when it forms allows you to combat the condition and prevent further damage from occurring. Why is this important? Because gum disease can actually have a serious long-term impact on your oral health and even your overall health. That’s why you should know the signs of gingivitis, floss daily, and visit your dentist every six months. (more…)

Has Your Teeth Whitening Experience Worked?

Everyone wants a beautiful smile that they feel comfortable showing off in photographs and public settings. Small blemishes can get in the way of you feeling your best about your own smile. One of the most common smile imperfections is teeth staining. That’s because teeth staining is actually a totally natural phenomenon that happens to nearly everyone over time. To counteract teeth staining, you may have tried teeth whitening treatment before. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products don’t always live up to the hype, though. Has your teeth whitening experience worked for you? If not, it’s time to try a professional option. (more…)

Choose Tooth Extraction When It’s Necessary

Tooth extraction may feel like an extreme or overwhelming treatment. It may feel particularly confusing when it comes as a recommendation from your dentist. Your dentist’s goal is to use preventive and restorative treatment to keep your teeth healthy, vibrant, and functional throughout your lifetime. Why, then, would your dentist recommend removing a tooth? In some oral health cases, the best move you can make for your future is to extract a problematic tooth. Your dentist doesn’t make this recommendation lightly; they’ll only choose tooth extraction when it’s necessary. (more…)

Seeking Periodontal Treatment in Houston

Periodontal health falls under the umbrella of oral health, but it’s something you might not think about often. Periodontal health refers to the wellbeing of your gum tissue. While your gums may be distinct from your teeth, the necessity to keep them clean, and the potential health issues that can befall them, remain the same. Bacteria build up around your gum line, just as they do on the surfaces of your teeth. Prolonged inflammation of the gums can eventually lead to periodontal disease, an irreversible problem that has long-term impact. That’s why you should seek periodontal treatment at the first sign of any gum-related issue. (more…)

Could Prosthodontics Rebuild Your Smile?

Tooth loss can be a deflating, upsetting experience. Of course, there’s the initial physical pain that comes with losing a tooth. Beyond that initial pain though, there’s also a psychological and emotional pain that comes with tooth loss. You may feel embarrassed and self-conscious about your own smile. No one deserves to dislike the smile they see in the mirror. If you’ve suffered the loss of a single tooth, or extensive tooth loss, prosthodontics could rebuild your smile. There are a number of dental prosthetic options that can restore your missing teeth and allow you to love your smile again. (more…)

How a Dental Crown Restores Your Smile

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Stains, chips, cracks, and other unsightly blemishes can really affect the radiance of your smile. What’s more, it can also affect your functionality in the form of an uneven bite, pain from harmful bacteria, and more. While this is unideal, there are methods that can assist, such as a dental crown that functions to restore your smile and protect it from future harm or damage.  At MMC Dental in Houston, TX, our team is ready to meet with you and discuss your options to preserving your smile, one tooth at a time.


What Makes Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Tooth decay is the kind of problem that can typically be addressed with a tooth-colored filling. The process involves cleaning and filling the cavity that the decay has formed in the main part, or dentin, of your tooth’s crown. However, this isn’t always the case, and when tooth decay is more severe, a tooth filling might not be enough to address it and save the tooth. Instead, root canal treatment could be necessary to remove the infection from deeper within the tooth and stop it from eroding more of the tooth’s tissues and structure. (more…)

Important Advantages to Tooth-Colored Fillings

When you develop a cavity, the most appropriate way to treat it will likely be with a customized tooth filling. A cavity, or hole in your tooth, forms because of the tooth’s structure decaying, and after removing the infection, filling the cavity can restore the tooth’s overall strength and integrity. Today, we take a look at the advantages you may enjoy by choosing to treat your cavity with a tooth-colored filling, especially when compared to more traditional fillings made from metal amalgam. (more…)