Month: September 2020

When Restoring Your Smile Means Extracting a Tooth

Restoring your smile can mean a lot of different things, all of which depend on what’s wrong with it. For example, restoring a tooth that has a cavity isn’t the same as repairing a tooth that has a fracture or break in its structure. In most cases, however, restoring your smile means avoiding the loss… Read more »

What Early Gum Disease Treatment Can Help You Avoid

Gum disease is one of the most common oral health concerns for adults, but fortunately, it’s often treated and managed before it can lead to significant consequences. For instance, if you treat gum disease in its early stage, you can stop it from progressing and preserve your healthy periodontal and oral tissues. However, if it… Read more »

Rebuilding a Smile That’s Lost One or More Teeth

The disconcerting thing about tooth loss is that, once you lose one, it’s lost forever. The more teeth you lose, the greater the permanent impact of it will be on your oral health, and the more urgent your need to replace your lost teeth in order to rebuild your smile. However, depending on the extent… Read more »

3 Aspects of Your Tooth a Dental Crown Restores

Dental crowns used to be the go-to treatment for most types of concerns that involved damage to a tooth’s structure. This is because a dental crown is designed to cap a tooth’s entire visible structure, and therefore, can completely restore the tooth in just single procedure. However, modern restorations can be designed to more precisely… Read more »

Why Is Tooth Decay Treatment Different for Everyone?

Aside from routine dental checkups and cleanings, most dental treatments are recommended to address specific types of concerns with your teeth or oral health. However, that doesn’t mean every person who exhibits the same kind of problem will require the same treatment to address it. For example, tooth decay is one of the most common… Read more »