3 Aspects of Your Tooth a Dental Crown Restores

Dental crowns used to be the go-to treatment for most types of concerns that involved damage to a tooth’s structure. This is because a dental crown is designed to cap a tooth’s entire visible structure, and therefore, can completely restore the tooth in just single procedure. However, modern restorations can be designed to more precisely address problems with your tooth. When it comes to modern dental crowns, that includes effectively restoring some of the most important aspects of your tooth’s overall health and integrity.

It’s strength and integrity

The main point of a dental crown is to restore a tooth that’s been damaged, which means part of its structure has been fractured, broken, significantly worn-down, or otherwise compromised. This is a significant concern for many reasons, including its negative impact on your bite’s ability to function properly. It’s also a problem that will grow increasingly worse unless you address it as soon as possible. A custom-made dental crown can restore the tooth’s integrity by closely replicating its healthy size, shape, and contour, which enables the crown to absorb pressure the way your healthy tooth is meant to.

It’s healthy appearance

Many modern dental crowns are crafted to closely mimic a tooth’s healthy color and appearance as well as its size and shape With the use of highly durable and lifelike materials, like porcelain or zirconia, we can design dental crowns that are often indistinguishable from the healthy, natural teeth around them. This offers more cosmetically pleasing benefits when restoring a tooth’s strength and integrity, and also makes modern crowns a viable option for improving certain cosmetic concerns with a tooth’s appearance.

It’s role in your bite’s overall balance

By more closely resembling the form and function of your healthy, natural tooth structure, a modern dental crown can be essential in restoring and preserving your oral health after a tooth’s been compromised. Much of this involves restoring your bite’s overall balance, which affects every other aspect of your bite function, as well. Restoring this balance with a modern, custom-made crown not only restores the tooth, but also helps you reestablish your bite’s proper function and reduce the risks of damage to any of your other teeth.

Learn how a dental crown restores your tooth

There are several different aspects to your tooth’s health and integrity, and a custom-designed dental crown may be able to restore all of them. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling MMC Dental in Houston, TX, today at (713) 926-8896.