Month: February 2020

Why Checkups & Cleanings Have to Be Consistent to Work

For many people, it’s common knowledge that regular checkup and cleaning appointments are an important part of their routine dental care. However, despite knowing this, not everyone adheres to the advice of their dentists and schedules their visits as routinely as they should. Unfortunately, this is a significant factor in why many common, highly preventable… Read more »

Why Flossing Matters To Your Overall Dental Health

Last week, we shared with you some toothbrushing tips so that you can better keep up your good oral hygiene habits. However, brushing is just one part of your dental routine. The other one is flossing, you know, that thing we always ask if you are keeping up with it when you visit us. We… Read more »

Take Your Brushing Skills To The Next Level With These Tips

Your toothbrush is one of the more important things in your dental health toolkit. Along with at-home flossing and regular checkups and cleanings by your Houston, TX, dentist, using your toothbrush correctly is imperative to maintaining your oral health. While brushing at least twice a day is a good habit, maybe you are curious about… Read more »

Our Children’s Dentistry Options Will Keep You And Your Child Smiling

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Brought to you by the American Dental Association, this observance aims to promote good oral health practices to children, their guardians, their teachers, and others. And while the celebration is focused on only one month, taking care of your child’s teeth is a year-round service that your Houston,… Read more »