Take Your Brushing Skills To The Next Level With These Tips

Your toothbrush is one of the more important things in your dental health toolkit. Along with at-home flossing and regular checkups and cleanings by your Houston, TX, dentist, using your toothbrush correctly is imperative to maintaining your oral health. While brushing at least twice a day is a good habit, maybe you are curious about how you can be better at it. We are happy to help! Here are some tips that will make you a brushing pro in no time. 

It Is All About The Technique

You have strong teeth. But your gums are soft. Because of that, you will want to use a gentle, but slightly firm, touch when you brush your teeth. If you brush too hard, you may end up making your gums bleed. Consider investing in an electric toothbrush or a manual one that has soft bristles. Once you have your toothbrush in hand, angle it at 45 degrees to your gums and brush in a back and forth motion. Clean the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of all your teeth. For the inside front of them, brush in a vertical, up and down motion. 

Brushing Is Not A Race To See Who Can Do It The Quickest

Despite our society’s push to move everything and everyone along quickly, when it comes to brushing your teeth, you should slow down. In fact, we suggest you brush for at least two minutes each time. If you do so, you will beat the national average of 45 seconds that most people spend brushing their teeth. But two minutes seems so long, you say. Try setting a timer to gauge your time or listen to a song you like that you know is only two minutes long. 

Seasons Bring Changes… And New Toothbrushes

The change of seasons to fall, winter, spring, and summer is a good time to replace your toothbrush. However, if your brush is looking frail, with broken or having frayed bristles, you should change it out no matter what time of year it is. And make sure you are storing it properly. After you completed your two minutes of brushing, set it out in an upright position out in the open. This will help it dry and prevent germs from growing on it, compared to storing it away in a container or dark space.  

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