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Let’s Stop Teeth Grinding With A Nightguard

Do you often grind your teeth or clench your jaw? Not only is this habit annoying, for your significant other as well as you, but routine grinding and clenching could mean bruxism, a serious disorder that threatens the health and stability of your smile. Fortunately, your Houston, TX, dentists can help stop teeth grinding with… Read more »

Do Sore Gums Mean You Need A Deeper Clean?

Our previous blog was all about dental checkups and cleanings, and how these help safeguard smiles in Houston, TX, from the onset of tooth decay and gum disease. But what if a patient comes to us with the indicators of gingivitis or even the early stages of gum disease? In order to manage the issue… Read more »

Don’t Forget To Schedule Your Six-Month Cleaning!

If we asked how much time has elapsed between your last cleaning and now, what would say? Six months? A year? Two or more years? Often, we find people don’t realize just how vital a routine visit is for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and free of complications, such as cavities and gum disease…. Read more »