Cosmetic Dentistry Can Enhance Your Appearance

Houston, TX dentist offers cosmetic treatments

Even with proper oral hygiene, your smile may seem lackluster due to stains or other blemishes. If you are looking to improve this, MMC Dental in Houston, TX, offers a variety of cosmetic treatments that can help. Professional whitening can help your pearly whites look more vibrant, contouring can make your grin appear more symmetrical, and veneers can target a variety of cosmetic blemishes. To help you determine the best way to achieve your goals, we are here to compare the differences between each service.

Whiten Your Teeth Professionally In The Office Or At Home

A common complaint people have with their smile is having yellow or stained teeth. While this does not necessarily mean that you have poor oral hygiene, it may make you feel less confident. If the discoloration is caused by external factors, such as consuming coffee or other dark-colored beverages, the stains can be removed with professional whitening. We can do this in our office by applying a bleaching agent to your teeth and stimulating it with a special light. This can help break down the stain and leave you with a brighter appearance. If you prefer to do this at home, we can create a tailored kit for you. This is safer than generic store-bought whitening strips and can show results in just under two weeks.

Fix Worn Or Blemished Teeth With Bonding

If you have minor chips on the surface of your teeth or internal discoloration, whitening will not be able to treat this problem. Instead, we can add composite resin to disguise the look of these blemishes. Composite resin is a highly durable material, and the effect can last for several years with proper care.

For patients looking for something more permanent, there is also the option of veneers. This cosmetic treatment includes the process of shaving down part of your enamel and cementing tooth-like shells to the front of each of your teeth. This will leave you with a bright, symmetrical smile.

Reshape Your Smile With Contouring

There are two ways that the shape of your smile can be improved. First, tooth contouring can be done to fix the appearance of jagged, overlapped, or pointy teeth. This can be done using a gentle drill to remove a small amount of the tooth. Another option is gum contouring. This is beneficial for patients who have a “gummy” smile. Again, a gentle tool will be used to remove excess tissue and reshape it to show more of your tooth. As a result, this can leave you with a smoother and more symmetrical smile.

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