Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Red Jacket Houston TXSometimes, removing harm within your mouth requires the extraction of a tooth. If you are facing this possibility, look into your options in replacement; there are different methods that are helpful in varying situations. One of these is a dental bridge, which is a solution that uses two crowns on either side of your gap. A prosthetic covers your missing area, allowing you to chew and bite again. This option relies upon the strength of your remaining teeth, so speak with your provider about the lasting durability of your mouth.

If you are preparing for future instances of age or illness-related tooth loss, a dental implant could be the option for you. At MMC Dental in Houston, TX, we can help you to learn more about both of these processes. Dental implants derive their stability from the bone of your jaw, giving you back bite strength that you have lost. This option can also be expanded to include neighboring teeth, should you lose them in the future. In fact, a full mouth of prosthetic teeth is becoming more popular through an implant-supported denture placement!

The Foundation Of Dental Implantology

The placement of your new dental implant relies upon a special biological mechanism known as osseointegration. Titanium is used in this process, and this has a specific chemical interaction with the human immune system. Instead of attacking the metal as a foreign object, the body accepts it; bone tissue actually grows around it. Your new implant post has threaded ends to allow you to heal snugly and create a lasting and stable bond.

Titanium is also helpful in the attachment of prosthetic limbs, and the connection is a strong one. Scientists have discovered a new form of sense related to the vibration of the metal, which is similar to touch, but comes from the link between prosthetic and bone. After healing, a new custom tooth fits to the post, giving you a gorgeous solution that is built to last!

Discuss All Of Your Options With Your Dentist

If you are younger, or have an otherwise healthy smile, then a dental bridge can be a solution that works for you. This is an appliance-based form of treatment that uses a hanging prosthetic to cover your gap, hence the name. Dental crowns are placed on the healthy teeth on either side of your gap, and an elegant solution covers the entire area. These are custom-designed to suit our needs.

Durable Prosthodontic Options In Houston, TX

Your tooth extraction is not the end of your story. Set aside the time for a consultation, and learn about your options in the replacement of your existing natural tooth. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call MMC Dental in Houston, TX at (713)926-8896.