Designing Our Cosmetic Veneers

houston porcelain veneers

For a total smile makeover in just two visits, your Houston, TX, dentist may suggest the placement of one or more porcelain veneers. In today’s blog, we’re talking about how we design and craft these lifelike restorations, and the benefits they provide for your your smile. From masking stains to reshaping damaged teeth, they can transform and perfect your smile!

How a Veneer Benefits a Tooth

A porcelain veneer is attached to the front-facing side of your teeth, which enables it to instantly alter the shape and color since they cover the fronts and sides. We then improve esthetics, and could even correct minor restorative problems too. When in place, they help instantly correct minor misalignment by correcting the appearance of your smile’s alignment. If you have the kind of permanent stains that won’t respond to whitening, we can mask them. We also address exposed gaps or black triangle spaces between the teeth, and reshape malformed or misshapen teeth. If you have minor damage, we could offer repair, and even lengthen teeth that have been worn down by grinding or clenching.

Designing Your Custom Restoration

Each one we place will be custom-made for your smile. Not only does this ensure an attractive appearance, but this also promotes better bite balance to avoid complications down the road. The porcelain we use can be tinted to blend with your tooth, and also absorb daily bite forces. The material contains stain-resistant properties as well! To design them, we administer a local anesthetic and then remove outer enamel from the tooth or teeth receiving them. Next, we take detailed images and impressions using advanced digital technology, which we combine to create a model of your tooth. In a dental lab, we design and craft your new cosmetic restoration.

Placement and Care

When the restorations are ready, you will return to the office so we can check the fit and then place them with a powerful bonding material. The process is a quick one, and you then leave with a stunning new smile. For many, this offers a smile makeover, addressing multiple esthetic issues at once. If you have any questions about how we design and place our porcelain veneers, or if you would like to schedule a cosmetic consultation to see if one or more of them may help your smile, then contact our team today. We understand the value of a beautiful smile, and want to help you enjoy one that makes you feel confident, and ensures you never hesitate to smile!


MMC Dental wants to help you enjoy a more attractive smile. To learn more about how we create custom cosmetic restorations to improve your smile, you can start by scheduling your next appointment at MMC Dental in Houston, TX by calling 713-926-8896.