Some of the Best Reasons to Choose Veneers

For patients who want to restore or improve their smiles for a variety of reasons, the best way to achieve the results they want is with personalized, conservatively designed dental treatment. In many cases, porcelain veneers can provide exactly the results patients desire while minimizing the extent of their treatment, even when they have multiple different issues with their tooth structure to address. Today, we examine a few of the best reasons to choose porcelain veneers for improving your smile, and why they’re becoming an increasingly more popular smile restoration.

Their incredibly lifelike appearance

Modern dental veneers are typically crafted from highly customizable dental porcelain, which features several properties that allow it to closely mimic the healthy, natural appearance of your tooth structure. For example, the porcelain can be custom-tinted to the specific color and shade of your healthy tooth structure, which makes it blend in with the overall appearance of your smile. Also, dental porcelain is semi-translucent just like natural tooth enamel, and when layered to the right degree, it can reflect light in the same way as your healthy tooth enamel.

The conservative way they’re bonded to teeth

The highly lifelike appearance of dental porcelain is an important reason why porcelain veneers are so popular. The point of improving your smile is to bring out its natural beauty, and creating veneers that match your healthy tooth structure accomplishes this. However, the ultra-thin construction of your veneers is another important factor in how they benefit your oral health. Because they’re so thin, placing a veneer on your tooth doesn’t require any significant amount of preparation to the tooth’s structure. The minimal prep work means you can preserve more of your healthy, natural tooth structure in the long-run.

The highly satisfactory results they provide

The more discreet appearance and conservative treatment process involved with receiving porcelain veneers are important reasons to choose them for improving your smile. Together, the many different benefits of custom veneers provide highly satisfactory results for your treatment, both in the appearance of your smile and the long-term health and integrity of your smile. This makes veneers a highly preferable solution for addressing a number of smile concerns, and can help streamline your treatment when restoring your smile means addressing several different concerns at once.

Learn if you should choose porcelain veneers

There are plenty of reasons to want to improve or restore your smile, and porcelain veneers can often be the most effective way to do it. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling MMC Dental in Houston, TX, today at (713) 926-8896.