How a Dental Crown Restores Your Smile

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Stains, chips, cracks, and other unsightly blemishes can really affect the radiance of your smile. What’s more, it can also affect your functionality in the form of an uneven bite, pain from harmful bacteria, and more. While this is unideal, there are methods that can assist, such as a dental crown that functions to restore your smile and protect it from future harm or damage.  At MMC Dental in Houston, TX, our team is ready to meet with you and discuss your options to preserving your smile, one tooth at a time.

Protects from Oral Bacteria

A dental crown is created to cover a tooth and protect it from further harm or deterioration. When a tooth is chipped, cracked, or broken in any way, harmful bacteria can enter the affected area and begin to thrive and grow as the area is difficult to reach and sensitive from the damage done to the tooth’s nerves. If left unaddressed, diseases such as gum disease or gingivitis can develop and even spread to other nearby healthy teeth, compromising your smile.

When you receive a dental crown restoration, our team will work with you to provide a solution that not only serves to protect the damaged area, but also fits comfortably and restores your bite’s function. Caps can be created for full coverage of the entire surface of your tooth, or as a partial crown to address specific issues that do not warrant complete coverage. In either case, we will work with you to create the best solution for your oral needs.

Provides a Natural-Looking Appearance

Not only does a custom restoration protect your teeth from outside harm, but it does so in a way that does not impact the consistency of your grin. In other words, we can provide a lifelike restoration or cap that is shade-matched to your smile and placed so as to provide a seamless appearance. By protecting and fortifying the affected area, your chances of needing an extraction or removal decrease dramatically, and you can enjoy the benefits of your beautiful grin.

How It Corrects Your Bite

When a tooth is chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, it affects your bite’s function as you readjust to avoid injuring the section further. When this happens, it creates unevenness that negatively impacts daily occurrences such as biting, chewing, and more. When we create a full or partial crown to preserve your tooth, it is created with the goal of being able to absorb the pressure from your bite so as to preserve its usual function. For more information, contact our office today.

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