3 Areas Where Dental Implants Improve a Restoration

Today’s dental restorations can help people address a wide range of dental health concerns with a high level of realism, allowing them to restore their smiles and tooth structure with optimal results. However, when it comes to replacing one or more lost teeth, conventional restorations typically have one important limitation – they’re unable to replace the roots that healthy, natural teeth rely on. Fortunately, today’s dental bridges and dentures can often be supported by lifelike dental implant posts, which are designed to mimic and replace the roots of your lost teeth.

It’s ability to restore your bite function

One of the most important goals of replacing lost teeth is to restore your bite’s ability to function properly. After experiencing tooth loss, this ability can be significantly diminished due to the space in your dental ridge, and replacing the lost tooth or teeth is the only way to restore this function. With one or more dental implants supporting it, your dental restoration can restore more of the strength and integrity needed for your bite to function properly again, and with more lifelike results than a traditional restoration.

It’s overall level of comfort and stability

When your dental restoration is anchored in place by dental implants, it doesn’t shift or move as conventional bridges and dentures can do over time. However, this is only one way in which dental implants can significantly improve the comfort and stability of your replacement teeth. Mimicking healthy, natural teeth roots means dental implants can support your restoration without the need for additional structures such as clasps or supportive dental crowns. This means there’s no need to modify any remaining healthy, natural tooth structure in order to support your replacement tooth.

It’s value to your smile’s overall restoration

Replacing your lost teeth is largely meant to restore your bite’s function, but what that means can sometimes be more complex than patients realize. For instance, in addition to replacing the visible parts of your teeth, completely restoring the functions of your teeth also means replacing their roots. In addition to supporting the function of your replacement teeth, dental implants also provide vital stimulation to your jawbone structure, which is key to preserving the bone structure’s health and integrity after it’s lost one or more teeth roots. With dental implants, your restoration can more successfully restore all of the functions that your lost teeth were responsible for.

Learn more about the benefits of dental implants

By giving your replacement tooth or teeth an appropriate number of root-like anchors, dental implants can improve the restoration in several important ways. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling MMC Dental in Houston, TX, today at (713) 926-8896.