A Better Bridge With Implant Dentistry

securing dental bridges with dental implants

To provide dental prosthetics that last longer and offer a more lifelike appearance, we may secure them with dental implants. Your Houston, TX, dentist works with a team of periodontists, oral surgeons, and prosthodontists to ensure the entire process is completed under one roof. In today’s blog, find out how we can provide implant bridges for people with minor tooth loss!

The Dangers of Your Missing Teeth

Losing even one tooth could lead to problems for your overall oral health. For example, the surrounding teeth could eventually drift from position, leading to dental misalignment. Not only does this impact smile esthetics, but misalignment could increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. The body will also respond to the missing tooth root by suspending the flow of key nutrients to the jawbone. Without these nutrients, the bone tissue begins to break down. Over time, this mean further tooth loss and eventually, an aged appearance. Not to mention the complications for your ability to eat your favorite foods or speak clearly!

Creating the Bridge

As you can see, replacing your missing teeth is key. For those with between one and three lost teeth, we may suggest a bridge. Our team will take detailed impressions of your smile, using them to design and create a prosthetic that blends with the smile. The prosthetic portion will include your new teeth, known as pontics, with crowns attached to each end. We create them from materials that not only look natural, but have the ability to absorb daily bite forces and pressures.

Implants Placement and Restoration

Traditional bridges are held in place with crowns placed on natural teeth. However, with dental implants, we insert one to two dental implants into the jawbone, They bond with the bone tissue like natural tooth roots, providing greater security and putting a halt to the loss of jawbone tissue, since the body views them as natural tooth roots. We attach the prosthetic to these implants, so you have a bridge that can potentially last for decades, as opposed to ten years. At our office, we complete every step of the process under one roof, working with a team of specialists to oversee each aspect of the placement and restoration of your new smile! If you have any questions about implant placement and tooth loss solutions, then contact our team today.


With a custom-made prosthetic, we want to help you maintain a whole and beautiful smile. To learn more about our approach to addressing between one and three lost teeth, schedule an appointment by calling MMC Dental in Houston, TX, today at (713) 926-8896.