Replacing Your Missing Teeth Using Prosthodontic Dentistry

Our team understands the serious problems that even minor tooth loss can cause for our Houston, TX, patients. With knowledge and experience in the world of prosthodontic dentistry, we’re ready to offer lifelike and durable tooth replacement, all under one roof. In today’s blog, we’re looking at the options we provide to replace missing teeth and improve smile health.

The Dangers of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss isn’t simply a cosmetic concern. When we lose a tooth, this could cause surrounding teeth to drift from position, leading to misalignment and a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease in the process. The pressure and bite imbalance of tooth loss has also been linked to a higher risk of TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding). The body suspends the flow of nutrients to the surrounding bone structure following the loss of a tooth, meaning the jawbone around the lost teeth begins to lose mass and density. Following the loss of jawbone density comes further tooth loss and in extreme cases, a significantly older appearance. By addressing your missing teeth, we can help prevent these common and harmful complications.

Dental Bridges

For those with between one and three missing teeth in a row, we can create and place a dental bridge. The dental bridge contains pontics, or replacement teeth, with crowns attached to each end. After we remove the structure from the natural teeth on either side of the exposed gap in your smile, we take detailed impressions and measurements, using the information to design and craft the prosthetic. We then place the crowns onto the prepared teeth, securing the new ones firmly in place. With proper care and attention, your bridge may last up to 15 years before requiring adjustment or replacement.


If you have more severe cases of missing teeth, but not enough to require a full set of dentures, we may suggest a partial denture. A partial consists of new teeth created from lifelike materials and set in a base crafted from acrylic. The base will be designed to mimic the look of gum tissue. There will also be metal clasps, which attach to the natural teeth and secure our new ones firmly in place.

A full set will also contain an acrylic base, as well as a full row of replacement teeth. We can restore every lost tooth on one or both arches, and suction will hold the prosthetic in place. The full denture will be designed to look natural and blend seamlessly with your smile.

Dental Implants

While bridges can restore our ability to eat and speak with ease, and also prevent misalignment and other complications, what about the loss of jawbone density? With dental implants, we insert a biocompatible titanium dental implant into the jawbone. The body will recognize this as a natural tooth roots, stimulating the growth of jawbone tissue and resuming the flow of calcium and phosphorus. This prevents loss of density and protects your smile from further tooth loss. We then attach a crown to the dental implant to address the visible portion of your new tooth.


Don’t let one or more missing teeth lead to serious problems with the health, beauty, and function of your smile. To find out more about our approach to prosthodontic dentistry, then please schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Chan by calling MMC Dental in Houston, TX, today at (713) 926-8896.