Removing Your Problem Wisdom Teeth

Teenager Houston TXIf you are a teenager or young adult, it is important that you pay close attention to your dental needs, as this is a pivotal time in your development. Your last set of molars are the final step before you reach adulthood in your oral health, and these teeth can cause serious problems if they grow improperly. Sticking to your appointments with the dentist can help you to avoid harm through the early detection of any concern regarding the development of your wisdom teeth.

At MMC Dental in Houston, TX, we can help you through the entire process, starting with advanced imagery during your semiannual checkup. This appointment gives you and your provider an idea of the location and progress of their growth. By keeping to your schedule of imagery, you have the opportunity to be proactive in your care. This way, you can schedule any necessary extractions on your own schedule, rather than waiting until it becomes urgent. Avoid a change in your alignment and protect your enamel with a dedication to your oral health needs as a teen or young adult!

Your Wisdom Teeth Can Impact Your Smile Quality

As you grow into your smile, there is one last step before you reach full adulthood. Wisdom teeth typically start to grow in your later teenage years or in the first few years of your twenties, and when they do, they can cause serious negative changes. You may not have enough room in the back of your jaw for an additional set of molars, which can lead to a shift in your alignment. Sometimes, wisdom teeth grow in erratic directions!

In order to keep an eye on the development of your smile during this pivotal time, be sure to adhere to your timeline of visits to the dentist for checkups. Your provider has access to advanced imagery that can show the location and direction of these new molars.

When You Require The Extraction Of Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth pose a significant risk for some people, so their extraction is necessary to ensure that they do not cause lasting harm. At our practice, we can assist you through the entire process. As with most aspects of dentistry, early measures can help prevent serious harm, so speak with your provider about your timeline during your semiannual checkup. By knowing the location and development stage of your wisdom teeth, your dentist can help you to plan earlier for any needed extractions.

Keeping An Eye On Your Wisdom Teeth With MMC Dental

Your wisdom teeth can cause significant changes to your appearance and the strength of your smile. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call MMC Dental in Houston, TX at (713)926-8896.