Your Gum Health Makes A Difference

Stoma Houston TXYour gums play a more significant role in your oral health journey than you probably know. Periodontal tissue is not just a supporting part of your smile, but one of the most active areas of your mouth. This material provides a shield for the more vulnerable areas beneath the gumline. It helps you to continue to have strong and beautiful teeth. When your gums become infected, they can pull back from the normal location on your enamel. This creates a pocket which quickly begins to gather debris and food particles.

Periodontitis is the term for this condition and it can be difficult to manage on your own. Schedule a scaling and root planing appointment with MMC Dental in Houston, TX in order to thoroughly clean the base of your teeth and your gum tissue. Periodontal disease affects nearly half of all adult Americans, so do not let yourself fall into that statistic. Care for your gums and keep them safe!

When Your Gums Need Assistance

Periodontal disease is the infection and inflammation of your gum tissue. This condition begins as gingivitis, which can show as red or swollen gums. If you begin to notice that there is blood when you are brushing your teeth, this could be a sign. Schedule a cleaning and examination to check out the location and determine your best course of action. Do not ignore the situation, as it can become periodontal disease.

Call a qualified dental health care provider about your situation as well if you see your gumline recede. This is one of the key problems that is associated with periodontal infection. Your gums provide an important protective element between your mouth and the more susceptible mechanisms underneath.

Scaling And Root Planing Help Clean Deeper

If you have issues with your gumline, one of the most important steps for you is to have a deep cleaning. Plaque on your enamel can harden into tartar. When this happens, you need the help of a trained dental professional to remove the substance. These care providers have access to special tools to safely dislodge bacterial buildup.

Scaling and root planing is the thorough cleaning between the teeth and gums. This can help you to begin to feel immediately better and also begin your periodontal recovery. If you require more extensive repair, we can refer you to a periodontic specialist. Keep your gumline free of food particles and troublesome tartar. Periodontal disease is a leading cause of tooth decay, so take your condition seriously.

Helpful Periodontal Treatment In Houston, TX

Scaling and root planing can help you to feel better while being safe. For more information, contact your Houston, TX, dentist, Dr. Chan, by calling 713-926-8896. Schedule an appointment to treat your periodontal health!