Avoiding Diabetic Tooth Loss

Diabetes Houston TXIn the United States, one of the most common conditions is diabetes. Currently, at least 29 million Americans have this auto-immune disease, and it can lead to health effects all through the body. Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or this is something you have lived with for years, it is important to keep yourself informed. Education is one of the largest challenges in the healthcare of this topic!

But you may not be aware of how this condition can affect your oral health. Approximately one in every five instances of tooth loss are directly related to blood sugar complications. Today, your Houston, TX dentist stresses how important strict diabetes management can be in the prevention of losing a part of your smile!

Keeping Control

There are two forms of diabetes, both affecting the hormone insulin. This chemical is produced by the body and it allows our cells to be able to receive the energy that we eat. This comes in the form of sugars that we metabolize from any carbohydrate source. When our cells can’t accept this energy, it builds up in our bloodstream. This is known as hyperglycemia and it can lead to serious long-term effects.

When blood sugar levels are elevated, the body attempts to flush out the issue. This primarily comes through an increase in the amount of urine, which the kidneys fill with glucose. But also, our mouths are a prime area for the release of this material.

This comes through the saliva, and it can lead to tooth decay. In fact, an estimated 20% of tooth loss issues come a a result of diabetes.

Try To Contain Swings

Diabetics can suffer damage to the smallest blood vessels in the body, our capillaries. These complications often include areas such as vision, when leaking blood from broken capillaries can block the flow of light. Circulation issues and neuropathy are often found in the fingers and toes of these patients, and can prevent them from staying properly healthy.

Managing diabetes can be incredibly frustrating, for anyone! Many factors can play into your levels, and it seems there is always some mitigating aspect that you forgot to plan for. Not only can it be difficult to find the proper nutrition, but there are other things too that can alter the way your body acts. Movement and exercise can often lower blood sugar, and if you inject insulin, the weather can change how quickly your body absorbs it!

But it is necessary to take the effort to try and limit your glucose range as much as possible. The development of new technology such as continuous glucose monitoring is allowing for a stricter control of your blood glucose. Take advantage of these new opportunities!

Keep Control Of Your Smile

Diabetes can lead to serious health complications, and these can harm your oral health! If you have questions or need to set up an appointment, contact your Houston, TX, dentist, Dr. Chan, by calling 713-926-8896.