How To Prevent Halloween-Related Cavities

houston halloween cavities

Halloween can be a scary time for our smiles! Too much sugar could lead to the onset of painful cavities in children and adults alike. Fortunately, your Houston, TX, dentist has a few tips for keeping teeth strong while still enjoying this spooky holiday! You don’t have to give up your trick or treating adventures yet!

Does Candy Cause Cavities?

When we consume too many sugary treats this could absolutely lead to cavities. You see, the sugar particles cling to the teeth or could become trapped between them. Harmful oral bacteria then consume these particles, a process that not only vases a rise in oral acidity, but coats the teeth in plaque buildup, Soon, the enamel weakens and erodes, and a cavity will form. To help limit this, try to have your kids only consume a few pieces each day, and always right after a meal. Let them wash down the treats with a glass of water, which helps cleanse the smile. You could also let them trade their excess candy to you for a toy or maybe a couple dollars!

Healthier Trick or Treating Options

If you’re going to be home and handing out treats to kids this year, then consider choosing options that don’t put little smiles at risk. For example, you could give out individual sealed packages of trail mix, nuts, or even sugar-free gum. Many houses opt to avoid candy altogether, choosing stickers or any party favors, such as small rubber bats, plastic spider rings, or plastic skeletons. These make fun treats, without increasing the risk of tooth decay in your neighborhood.

Tips for Better Oral Hygiene

You and your little ones can also help avoid cavities with good oral hygiene habits. Every day, make sure you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, and that you use a fluoride toothpaste, which helps strengthen the outer enamel. You should do this in the morning and again at night. We also urge kids and adults to floss every evening, as this reaches and removes the food particles a toothbrush may not reach! Try to drink more water too, as this helps cleanse the teeth and keeps you hydrated.

Now is also a good time to schedule your final checkup and cleaning of 2021. A checkup lets our team monitor your family’s smiles, and a cleaning removes all plaque buildup to prevent cavities, bad breath discoloration, and even gingivitis and gum disease.


Our team wants to help patients avoid the onset of painful oral health issues. For more information on staying cavity-free, then contact your Houston, TX, dentist, Dr. Chan, by calling 713-926-8896. Now is a great time to schedule a checkup and cleaning, before the holiday season makes your schedule more hectic than usual!