How Worried Should I Be If My Gum Line Is Receding?

There are issues that can cause your gums to gradually recede over time. You may notice that this issue has changed the look of your smile, or made certain teeth look uneven or long. This change can also lead to issues like dental sensitivity, as the portion of a tooth below your gum line has less natural protection than the crown (the portion that resides above your gum line). Your Houston, TX dentist’s office can speak with you about addressing problems with a receding gum line. We can also check on your oral health during an evaluation to see if the problem is linked to gingivitis, or if another oral health issue has led to the change.

Are My Gums Receding Because Of Gingivitis?

While gum line recession is a symptom of gingivitis, there are other problems that can lead to this change. You may see your gums recede because you brush too aggressively, or because you are grinding your teeth. With that said, it should be noted that while the problem is not always caused by an infection, it still raises your risk for future problems with gingivitis.

Your Receding Gums Can Cause Problems With Dental Sensitivity

Portions of your teeth that stay covered by your gum tissues have less natural protection than the portions that are always visible. When recession occurs, these areas are more likely to react strongly to issues with different foods and drinks, particularly hot and cold items. If you are growing concerned about dental sensitivity and notice that your gum line has changed, bring the matter up with your dentist. It is possible that a separate issue is making certain teeth feel sensitive, and that the problem will require restorative dental work.

Smart Behaviors That Can Help You Avoid Future Periodontal Problems

Hopefully, your gums are currently not affected by gingivitis. Even a person who has no issues at the moment should make a point of consistently maintaining good habits that keep their teeth and gums protected. Remember to floss on a daily basis if you want to keep yourself safe against gingivitis, and to clean thoroughly at your gum line. If you are already struggling with poor periodontal health, our practice is ready to address your needs in-house, as we do have a periodontist who can work with you.

Discuss Your Concerns Over A Receding Gum Line At MMC Dental

Even if it is not caused by gum disease, a receding gum line can make you vulnerable to infection and dental sensitivity. It also creates potential problems for your smile. If you have questions about this issue, or want to discuss any other oral health matter, please schedule an appointment by calling MMC Dental in Houston, TX, today at (713) 926-8896.