A Prosthetic For Missing Teeth

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If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you understand the difficulty of adjusting to the new gap in your smile. While the esthetic issues are obvious, missing teeth can quickly impact activities you previously found simple. Your voice can change as you lose the ability to fully articulate certain sounds. Because your bite relies upon each tooth to function correctly, the loss unevenly distributes the force of your bite. This can lead to wear of your enamel, which contributes to tooth decay and gum disease. To prevent these complications, we could create a prosthetic tooth to restore your smile.

At your Houston, TX dental practice, we can help you deal with the loss of one or multiple teeth. Whether from decay, gum disease, or physical trauma, our treatments can help you regain the full function of your smile. We could place a dental implant that secures in your jawbone or a dental bridge that connects between neighboring teeth. By exploring your options for prosthodontic restoration, you can regain your bite and return your beautiful smile.

Planning A Dental Implant

When you visit our office, we can inspect the health of your mouth to determine which restorative solution best addresses your dental loss. If your jawbone is dense enough to hold an implant, we can insert a post that fuses with your oral tissues within. After healing from your implant procedure, we can attach a restoration above your gumline to complete your new tooth. For a single missing tooth, we could attach a dental crown. When addressing multiple missing teeth, we can provide implant-supported dentures.

Your new dental implant will provide the unique benefit of stimulating your jawbone. When your teeth are healthy, they transfer the force of your bite through the root into the bone. The body receives this signal and knows to send vital nutrients to maintain the bone’s health. When you lose a tooth, you lose this signal, and the bone can lose density. By placing an implant post, we restore the transfer of your bite’s force.

Placing A Dental Bridge

If you prefer, we could place a dental bridge to prevent your neighboring teeth from drifting into your open socket. This can help you maintain the alignment of your bite while restoring the appearance of your smile. This solution attaches to crowns placed on neighboring teeth. Because each smile is unique, we custom-design your bridge to match the dimensions of your bite.

Talk To Your Houston, TX Dentist About Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Losing one of your teeth does not need to leave a permanent hole in your smile! By planning a prosthodontic restoration, you can enjoy a full grin once again. To learn more about these treatments, or to schedule an appointment, call MMC Dental in Houston, TX at (713)926-8896.