Placing A Dental Implant

houston dental implants

Living with tooth loss means reduced function in your smile, and issues with esthetics and function. To correct the issue, your Houston, TX, dentist could place one or more dental implants. In today’s blog, we talk about treating tooth loss, and how we prepare and place these new teeth to keep your smile whole!

When You Need One

You should talk to us about possible replacement options the moment you lose a tooth. Even a single missing tooth could mean trouble for both your oral health and the beauty of your smile. Complications of untreated tooth loss could include misalignment, TMJ disorder, bruxism, reduced speech capability, trouble eating your favorite foods, and even the gradual loss of mass and density in the jawbone, a recipe for further tooth loss.

Preparation and Planning

If you see our team for a missing tooth, we will take detailed images and x-rays of your smile with digital technology, allowing us to plan your treatment and decide if dental implants are right for you. If so, then we will administer a numbing agent and sedation, and then guide a biocompatible titanium post into the jaw. The post will bond with the jawbone like a natural root. Every smile is different, and we choose a precise angle to support a crown or prosthetic, and to stimulate the growth of bone tissue to preserve the smile and prevent further tooth loss and other complications. For this reason, your new tooth could last for decades to come, possibly even a lifetime.

Restoring Your New Tooth

We’ve talked about the root, but what about the visible portion of your new tooth or teeth? Once the placement area heals, we will attach an abutment to the implant. We then use this to secure a custom-made dental crown, one designed to blend with the smile and provide a durable chewing surface too. If you have lost several of your natural teeth, then we could attach a dental bridge or a partial or full denture. Each one is designed to look natural and reflect your facial structure, so you can enjoy a complete smile again. With proper care and attention, you could preserve your new and natural teeth with brushing, flossing, and visits for checkups and cleanings.

If you have any questions about how we secure a new tooth that is meant to last, or if you would like to schedule an implant consultation, then contact our team today to learn more.


We would like to secure a replacement option that lasts for years to come and looks natural too. For more information on addressing one or more of your missing teeth, then contact your Houston, TX, dentist, Dr. Chan, by calling 713-926-8896.