Periodontal Care Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Get help for your gum health at MMC Did you know that there is a link between your oral health and your heart health? People with periodontal disease have been found to be at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke. At MMC Dental in Houston, TX we can help keep your gum tissue healthy with regular checkups and deep cleanings when needed. In today’s blog, we are here to tell you how to keep up with your gum health and how periodontal disease is treated.

Flossing Keeps Your Breath Fresh And Clean

Cleaning the spaces between your teeth is just as important as brushing. To keep your oral tissues maintained, be sure to floss twice a day. This helps remove debris that cannot otherwise be reached with a toothbrush.

If you have red, swollen gums or you tend to bleed when you floss, this could be an indication that something is wrong. At your dentist’s appointment, your dentist will be able to diagnose this problem. If it is gingivitis – the first stage of periodontal disease – we have ways to help you.

Root Planing And Scaling Reverse Gingivitis

The earliest stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. This happens when plaque and tartar begin to build up around and below the gingival tissue. A regular cleaning does surface-level cleanings, so deeper cleanings known as root planing and scaling are necessary to remove this buildup. Scaling involves using special tools to remove the plaque and tartar from the gums. Root planing is a process that helps the gum reattach itself to your teeth.

The earliest stage of periodontal disease can be reversed, but if ignored for too long periodontitis can not be restored to normal health. Once you reach the latest stages, you will only be able to manage your symptoms with regular deep cleanings.

Ignoring Your Symptoms

If you begin to notice bright red and swollen tissue, bleeding during oral care, chronic bad breath, pain when eating, receding gums, or toothache, these may be signs that you have a deeper problem. Avoiding treatment for too long can lead to these symptoms worsening to a degree that cannot be reversed.

In serious cases, periodontitis can lead to a higher risk of other infections and tooth loss. When a tooth falls out due to this disease, it can be difficult to replace it with a prosthetic or implant because the tissue cannot support to hold a replacement. Be sure to visit your dentist if you begin to experience any changes in your dental health.

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